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We provide property owners with guaranteed rent on long term contracts. No hidden landlord fees or small print, just a clear, no-nonsense service you can rely on.

Namas Property Management was founded by Gintaras Valley who has a bachelor’s degree from the Lithuanian University of Education and Science and is currently studying Business Management at The University of Bolton, UK. With a proven track record of problem-solving, project management, delivering results and tenacity, these talents are now employed at Namas, providing innovative solutions to today’s housing market problems.

The UK Housing Market Problem

For Landlords:

In today’s mortgage market which has risen 283% since 2021 for interest only and 71% for full repayment, landlords feel a big impact on their profit margins. Many have concerns around the affordability of paying their mortgage and many have been forced to sell their portfolio and invest their money in different sectors or retire. Not only that, but the UK government’s alterations to the Renters Reform Bill also caused further concern as landlords worried that they would no longer be able to use Section 21 which gives right to private landlords to reclaim their rental homes without needing to prove the tenant’s guilt. It’s known as the “no-fault” basis for eviction and by abolishing this, landlords can face difficulties in gaining back their properties from difficult or non-paying tenants.

For Tenants:

Statistics demonstrate that tenants are not happy about how landlords approach issues arising in the property and are behind or slow in response to the maintenance of the property. Within the past 12 months, about 726,000 (16%) and 1.2 million (31%) households that rent privately and socially respectively thought about filing a complaint. There are social media platforms such as Facebook where tenants direct their concerns to others and ask for advice in dealing with them. The Citizens Advice Bureau has information on how to file a formal complaint, but this can take months and the tenant must continue living in poor conditions or seek to rent elsewhere.

Why choose Namas Property?

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The Namas Property Solution

Our purpose is to maintain a balance between happy landlords and satisfied tenants. The rent to rent business model helps everyone involved in it, from landlord to tenants and everyone in between (trades, sources, neighbours, community). It is a win-win situation.

By using Namas Property Management’s guaranteed rent scheme landlords can have consistent monthly income and tenant management taken care of. Both tenants and landlords can benefit from quick responses to any queries via WhatsApp. Allssues are resolved promptly and professionally.  Our Google reviews from previous tenants speak for themselves. Our frequent landlord inspections allow landlords to see how well the property is maintained.

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